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сряда, 12 октомври 2011 г.

Felted wool art work - wall carpet LAND OF DREAMS

Felted wool wall carpet named 'LAND OF DREAMS' made in pastel dreamy colors. It represents my feeling of Creation - the interaction of Fire and Water, Air and Earth.
The carpet has a rough surface and numerous projections that create a sense of rounded river stones.
Artist: Svetlana Kostova.

Because of the original idea and the specific character of felt technique, the sizes and thicknesses are not equal and vary in all directions.
Size: 1,15/0,85/0,95/0,75 m ~ 45"/ 33,5"/ 37,4"/ 29,5" approximately.
Thickness: at about 0,5-1,5 cm / 0,2-0,6 inch.

The carpet is created of different types of wool, most of them I have dyed own by hand. Others are in the wool's natural grey and brown shades. The base of light green and some other colors I've dyed with natural leaves.
Manufacturing process took me a long time to create art projects, dyeing wool and hard work by repeatedly alternating needle and wet felting. Handmade.
There is no stitching or sewing!

To facilitate hanging on the wall I put in on the back side of the carpet 5 wool hangins, where you can put hooks or strings, or could pass a thin wooden or bamboo stick, or metal bar.

Cleaning methods:
Preferably dry cleaning.
Please, have in mind that hand wash is permissible by gentle washing agents suitable for wool, but the wet wool increased its weight that complicated a little the process. Please, press out the water carefully by hand. Please, do not twist! Absorb excess water with a cotton towel.
Dry only on the horizontal surface and do not hang up, when it is wet!

Attention: This felt carpet could be washed in washing machine only with cold water, using wool balsam, without centrifuge cycle!

There is no need of frequently washing or cleaning.



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