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сряда, 3 декември 2014 г.

RED - the color of the New Beginning! * LAnAArt at DaWanda * Червеното - цветът на новото начало!

Let me introduce you my new e-shop in the German DaWanda platform for products with Love!

Red color, red heart and my first creations I show there are red too!
Good luck with my favourite color!

Искам да ви представя новия си електронен магазин в немската платформа DaWanda, чийто девиз е "Продукти с Любов!" http://LAnAArts.dawanda.com

Червен цвят, червено сърце и първите ми качени творения също са червени! На късмет с моя любим цвят!

The red flower is always bright accent on you! 
A symbol of Love, youth, the passion and blooming Nature!

Airy, gentle and beautiful flower ornament, suitable for all seasons, it looks very well on light textiles like silk, cotton, linen etc.

With this flower brooch you can decorate your dress, blouse, coat, hat, shawl, hair, etc.

Did you know that felted wool brooches are ideal for aromatherapy?! 
You may drip a few drops (1-2 drops are enough) in the middle of a brooch of pure or diluted essential oil or perfume containing essential oils and fragrance will have lasting, even in the most volatile substances without stains on clothes!

Red crystals and felt made with love and care in original ring and silver hooks earrings!

This beautiful handmade jewelry set is suitable as accessory for your daily outfit or elegant evening clothing.

All of them can be combined with the gentle felted flower brooch shown above.

You can wash your hands caring the felted ring. Please, rinse good the soap and the ring will not be damaged doing that.

If needed, delicate wash all parts of jewelry by hand with cold or lukewarm water using mild detergent suitable for wool or hair shampoo. You can even wash it under running sink of cold or lukewarm water with liquid soap.
After good rinsing gently press out in hands without twisting or bending.
Carefully absorb excess water with a cotton towel and after you did this, the wool will be almost dry. Let dry completely free on air.

All my creations I send packed in a beautiful strong gift box, put in the envelope secured with bubbles wrap.
I send the goods via Registered Priority Air Mail and they have a tracking number, which you can check and see its status and movement.

Svetlana Kostova

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