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събота, 17 ноември 2012 г.

BIRDS OF PARADISE felt art picture * РАЙСКИ ПТИЦИ филцово пано

РАЙСКИ ПТИЦИ - картина (пано), техника мокър филц, автор Светлана Костова - ЛАнААрт
(the text in English is following below)
Размер: 70 x 63 см, дебелина ок. 8 мм.
Материал: българска вълна, различни видове, повечето от които съм багрила собственоръчно, а някои с естествени багрила.
Многоизмерни светове! Взаимнопроникващи се вселени! 


Ярки багри и фантазни форми!

 Плаващи птици и летящи риби, които населяват въображението!

In English:

BIRDS OF PARADISE - felted art, picture, wall hanging by Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArthttp://www.etsy.com/listing/114498675/birds-of-paradise-felted-art-picture 
Multidimensional worlds! Interpenetrating universes!
Bright colors and fantastic shapes!


 Swimming birds and flying fishes that inhabit the imagination!
Size: 70 x 63 cm = 27 x 25 inches, thickness at about 8 mm = 0,3 inches.

Bulgarian wool, wet felt technique.
It is created of different types of wool, most of them I have dyed personaly.
Some of the colors I've dyed with extract of natural leaves.
Others are in the wool's natural shades.

This art work can be used as wall hanging (wall pannel) or framed picture.
You can hang the picture horizontally or vertically, i.e. in the direction that you like the most, by bringing the fishing line, thread or some other type of suspension.
Very appropriate is, this picture to be framed in a volumetric frame with or without glass. Appropriate framework, for example, can be found in IKEA stores.
I offer the picture unframed.

Cleaning methods:
You can just clean the dust. There is no need of often washing or cleaning.
In case of need you can wash it by hand.
Please, have in mind that hand wash is permissible by gentle washing agents suitable for wool. After washing, please rinse well and add some vinegar (in proportion at about 1 table spoon vinegar in 1 lt water) at last rinsing. Do that, you can rinse again with clear water to remove the smell of vinegar.
After that, please, press out the water carefully by hand.
Please, do not twist! Absorb excess water with a cotton towel. Let dry free on air.
Please, do not hang - dry on a flat surface avoiding direct sunlight! Please, do not dry in a dryer!                                            

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