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сряда, 30 октомври 2013 г.

Artistic round felted wool floor carpet NEW EARTH

The Earth is our Mother, our cradle and our protector!


The Earth builds and feed our bodies and our senses with unimaginable wealth of colors, sounds, tastes and scents!

World of Earth's forms is eternal source of inspiration!

We humans are what we are thanks to the Earth!  
She is not just our home - the Earth and we are One!
She is ours, but we belongs to her, along with all that fulfills her and inhabits!
All together!
United like all these balls, like pieces in the puzzle drawing colorful picture, where every piece is unique and necessary!

Our dreams and our energy create the new reality - new Earth under the new Sky!

Love in Action!


Many of my creations are inspired by Earth!

Ecological materials, natural colors and dyes!
This unique floor carpet named NEW EARTH I made of wool in pastel dreamy colors in needle felt technique.

The carpet has a rough surface coming from the numerous balls that create a sense of thousands of points or stones collected from all around the world and united like pieces of beauty, like people connected with Love!
This artwork I finished in February 2012 for my last solo exhibition art textiles called "Land of Dreams" and exposed in the Historical Museum - Botevgrad, Bulgaria.
More about the exhibition you can see here:
http://felt-filz-culture.blogspot.com/2013/10/remembering-my-solo-felt-art-exhibition.html .
Diameter: 1,10 m = 43,3 inches approximately.
Thickness: between 2 and 5 cm = 0,79-1,97 inches.
Please note, that the balls are very good felted, they are hard, dense and thick - almost double thicker than usually make them!

The carpet is created of raw (wild) wool, most of them I have dyed own by hand. Others are in the wool's natural white, grey and brown shades. Some other colors I've dyed with extract of natural leaves.
Making the rug took me several weeks to create art projects, dyeing wool and hard work to make a big, hard balls and unite them all together in round shape.
Only the arrangement of the balls and stringing them took me a week!
Handmade by me own.
The balls are strung together with jute twine.

You can combine this art piece with this one I gave a name Earth meadow or Land of Dreams2: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83097273/land-of-dreams-unique-felt-wool-art-work

Cleaning methods:
Clean the dust when necessary. You can use vacuum-cleaner.
But there is no need for frequent washing! Once per year or two years (or even more) is enough!
Please, have in mind that you can wash this carpet only with clean water, if there is no dirty stains. Natural wool, such this one, has self clean ability and there is no need of detergents!
You can wash by hand in the bathtub or in the yard with plenty of running water.
Please, have in mind that the wet wool increased its weight that complicated the process. Before lifting or moving the wet carpet, wait for the water to drain better than thereof - this is important!

But if you decided to use washing agent, hand wash is permissible by gentle washing agents suitable for wool.
Finally good rinse of detergent. In the last rinsing you can add some vinegar in the water to neutralize the remnants of soap.
Allow carpet to drain well.
Please, do not twist! The rest of the water in the wool balls absorb gently with cotton towels.
Dry on a flat surface - for example, on pavement or grass.
Dry only on the horizontal surface and do not hang up!
Please, do not wash in washing machine!
Please, do not dry in the dryer!

There is no need of frequently washing or cleaning!

If you have any questions about this my work, please feel free to ask.

Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt


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