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петък, 25 октомври 2013 г.

Felt art carpet tapestry STREETS and CROSSROADS by LAnAArt

Felt art rug STREETS and CROSSROADS is a multicolor geometric expresion.
It is my feeling about the country with its roads and ways. This is my vision of city in colors.
This fiber art is inspired by urban architecture and planning, by the city maps and charts.


There somewhere is pulsating the heart, from which springs all threads, crossroads of roads, energy and people.

This may be my heart, my birthplace, my home!

Because we are multidimentional and all connected to everything!

On the wall or on the floor this unique bright felted wool carpet named 'Streets and Crossroads' will warm and light up the home athmosphere with its fresh multicolor expresion.

This carpet took a part in many exhibitions of textile art in Bulgaria, especially in the anual exhibition of the Textile Department of UBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) in 2010 year, dedicated to the themes Mobility and Variants.


This artwork was shown at the end of 2011 in felt art exhibition called "Old crafts, modern hobby" in gallery "Bogoridi", Bourgas, Bulgaria.

In February 2012 it takes a part in my solo exhibition of art textiles called "Land of Dreams" and exposed in the Historical Museum - Botevgrad, Bulgaria.

In November-December 2013 it's shown on the exhibition BEFORE CHRISTMAS at Art Hall of Radio Varna, Bulgaria.


This felt rug is designed and created by Svetlana Kostova.


One of kind.
Size: 1,60 x 1,10 m / 5,19 x 3,57 feets approximately.
Thickness: at about 1 cm / 0,39 inch.

The carpet is created of different types wool, most of them I cleaned and dyed by hand.
Making the carpet took me several weeks for creating the designer project, dyeing the wool and a few alternations of needle and wet felting. There is no stitching or sewing!

To facilitate hanging on the wall I put in on the back side of the carpet 9 hangins of wool threads, where you can put hooks or cords, or could pass a thin wooden or bamboo stick, or metal bar. These 9 wool threads on the reverse don't cumber of using this art piece as floor carpet.

There is no need of frequent cleening and washing.
Just clean the dust with vacuum cleaner when needed.

ATTENTION: This felt carpet could be washed in washing machine only with cold water, using mild detergent suitable for wool, without centrifuge cycle!
Please, do not dry in the dryer!

Washing by hand:
Please, have in mind that the wet wool increased its weight so much, which complicated the process of hand washing.

Use gentle washing agents suitable for wool.
Rinse well to completely rinse the soap foam. In the the final rinse add in water a little vinegar to neutralize the remnants of soap. 
Please, press out the water carefully by hand. Let it to drain well.
You can absorb excess water with a cotton towel.
Dry only on the horizontal surface and do not hang up, when it is wet!

Detailed information on cleaning and washing the wool clothes and accessories you can find in my article: http://svetlanaarts.blogspot.com/2013/02/how-to-wash-our-clothes-and-accessories.html

I hope you like and enjoy this my work I put a piece of my heart!

Sincerely yours,

Svetlana Kostova

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