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събота, 24 март 2012 г.

Пролетно очарование /// Spring charm

Цветовете на този шал и брошка, създадени в техника нунофелт от мен, Светлана Костова - ЛАнААрт изразяват моето усещане за Любовта и Светлината на пролетта, пролетното вдъхновение и очарование!
Да бъде пролет!
Да бъде светлина!

SPRING CHARM Nunofelted scarf and brooch flower in cyclamen pink, orange and bright yellow

The colors of this shawl express the Love and Light of the Spring!
Spring sorcery and charm!
Let it be spring!

Nuno-felted shawl 'Spring charm' is created by super fine merino wool 18 microns felted on colored base of rayon. In addition to the scarf for more options and additional charm, there is a felt flower, delicate brooch. This flower can give the scarf a different look, as shown in the photos.
Brooch is included in the price.
Felted only by hand.

Size: lenght: 145-150 cm, width: 45-50 cm. In inches: lenght: 57 - 59", width: 17,5 - 20 inches approximately. Please, note that because of nuno-felt technique the dimensions vary at about 3-5 cm (~1-2 inches) along the scarf.
Brooch diameter: 10 cm = 4 inches.

Gentle wash by hand in cold or slightly warm water with mild detergent suitable for wool and silk. Or you can use a hair shampoo for this purpose.
Do not change the water temperature when you rinse out the soap.
After rinsing gently press out in hands without twisting or bending.
Carefully absorb excess water with a cotton towel.

Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt

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