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сряда, 4 декември 2013 г.

AUTUMN SUNS felt art carpet in Autumn Palette


A walk in the forest under the caressing rays of the warm autumn sun among the colors and shapes as only autumn can offer!
And a thousand reflections of light in the wet leaves!
Autumn Galore!

On the floor or on the wall this woolen rug will warm the atmosphere of your home with its warm colors and the light that emanates from it!

I created this felt art carpet in November 2013 preparing for an exhibition of applied arts named BEFORE CHRISTMAS curated by Darzalas gallery in the Art hall of Radio Varna from November 19 till December 3, 2013.

Size is approximately 1.25 x 1.25 meters = 49.2 x 49.2 inches, thickness at about 1 cm = 0,4 inches.
It is completely handmade!

You can look at the process of creation that began with an inspiration from nature - tree mushrooms that have a unique structure. Beautiful and different, in themselves, they are a real work of art on the largest Creator!

I painted this picture long ago with acrylic paints.
And I always wanted to recreate it in textiles.
The idea long matured and finally just asked to be born!


And the process of felting began starting with the wool base that is so large in the beginning.
The carpet is created only from ecological clean Bulgarian wool in wet felt technique.

I used different types of wool, most of them I dyed personally.
Some of the colors I've dyed with extract of natural leaves.
Others are in the wool's natural shades of white, grey and brown.
Many time carefully arranging the design, putting wool fiber after fiber, wetting, adding more, etc.

Many hours of laying wool "painting" by it!

After all started the hard part of the process - actual felting by rolling of heavy package and the final rubbing for alignment by processing of edges.

At the end followed washing of the heavy wet carpet from the soap, draining and drying it.

This art work can be used as wall hanging (wall panel) too.
You can hang it in the direction that you like the most.
Hang it by putting a long wooden stick (e.g. bamboo) or metal rod and then sew it with fishing line or strong thread to the back of the carpet, and then hang it on the wall too.

Cleaning methods:
You can just clean the dust. There is no need of often washing or cleaning.
In case of need you can wash it. HAND WASHING IS RECOMMENDED!
For washing you can use the bathtub, large wash basin or baby tub for bathing.
Please, have in mind that hand wash is permissible by gentle washing agents suitable for wool. After washing, please rinse well and add some vinegar (in proportion at about 1 table spoon vinegar in 1 liter water) at last rinsing. Do that, you can rinse again with clear water to remove the smell of vinegar.
After washing allow water to drain well.

After that, please, press out the water carefully by hand.
Please, do not twist! Absorb excess water with a cotton towel. Let dry free on air.
Please, do not hang - dry on a flat surface avoiding direct sunlight!
Please, do not dry in a dryer!

Detailed information on cleaning and washing the wool clothes and accessories you can find in my article: http://svetlanaarts.blogspot.com/2013/02/how-to-wash-our-clothes-and-accessories.html

The felt art carpet AUTUMN SUNS is represented in my e-shop LanAArt on Etsy here:

If you have any questions about this my work, please feel free to ask me.
Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt

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