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четвъртък, 5 декември 2013 г.

Felt art carpet MOTHER NATURE


When you walk around in the woods, the mountains, amidst the fields, have you the feeling that from everywhere you are watched by curiously countless eyes?

Insects, birds, animals and even trees, stones ... like everything blends together in one face where you can see the Eyes of the Nature!

Like she is a being, a person!
Mother Nature! Mother Earth!
The mother of all living things!


Felt art carpet (tapestry, wall hanging) MOTER NATURE  is made of pure wool by felt technique.

Artist: Svetlana Kostova.

This artwork I created in the beginning of 2012 for my solo exhibition art textiles called "Land of Dreams" and exposed in the Historical Museum - Botevgrad, Bulgaria.

In November-December 2013 it was shown again at the exhibition BEFORE CHRISTMAS in the Art hall of Radio Varna, Bulgaria.

Size: 1,12 - 1,02 m that is 44,1 to 40,2 inches approximately.
Thickness: at about 0,5-1 cm that is 0,2-0,4 inch.

This art work can be used as wall hanging (wall pannel) or floor carpet.
The carpet is created of different types of wool, most of them I have dyed own by hand. Some of the colors I've dyed with extract of natural leaves.
Others are in the wool's natural brown, grey and white shades.
Dry and wet felting.
There is no stitching or sewing!
Making the carpet took me more than a week

Cleaning methods:
There is no need of frequently washing or cleaning! Just clean the dust.
Please, have in mind that hand wash is permissible by gentle washing agents suitable for wool.
After good rinsing, please, press out the water carefully by hand. Please, do not twist! Absorb excess water with a cotton towel.
Please, let dry free on air only on the horizontal surface and do not hang up, when it is wet!

Attention: This felt carpet could be washed in washing machine only with cold water, using washing agents for wool, on delicate program without centrifuge cycle!
Please, do not dry in the dryer!

If you have any questions about this my work, please feel free to ask.

Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt


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