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понеделник, 2 декември 2013 г.

Felt art tapestry LAND OF DREAMS 2 or EARTH MEADOW


 Felt art carpet named EARTH MEADOW or LAND OF DREAMS 2 is made by me, Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt.

This artwork I finished in February 2012 for my last solo exhibition art textiles called "Land of Dreams" and exposed in the Historical Museum - Botevgrad, Bulgaria.

It's shown again at the exhibition BEFORE CHRISTMAS in November-December 2013 in the Art hall of Radio Varna, Bulgaria.

This wall hanging is the second of a cycle dedicated to the Earth, and that New Earth, which we all create in our hearts and through our dreams.

The first was this one that gave the name LAND OF DREAMS! 

LAND OF DREAMS - felt art carpet by Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt
LAND OF DREAMS - felt art carpet
by Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt (detail)
It's like a look into the future.

Now this wall hanging lives with one's dreams in a Dutch home!

The other art piece is this floor  round carpet called NEW EARTH. It is our ''Now'' that creates our new life, our lovely planet in the future, as we wish to be! 

That my work expresses our connectivity, our unity and integrity as human beings.

Because regardless of skin color, eyes, height and location of the earth, we all have hearts that do not even realize, vibrate and are connected by the threads of love and a whole called universe, God!

New Earth - felt art carpet by Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt

The second LAND OF DREAMS expresses my feelings of the sweet state of dreaming, which we've all experienced in childhood, lying on a meadow in grass and flowers, buzzing and birds singing.

The rug has an uneven surface and numerous projections that create a feeling of flowers and butterflies in a fairy glade.

And everything is in muted pastel tones, as if shrouded in a bright sadness and longing for childhood, dreams and endless carefree days!
Blessed time!

Because of the original idea and the specific character of felt technique, the sizes and thicknesses are not equal and vary in all directions.
Size: 1,30/0,77 m ~ 51,2"/ 30,3" approximately.
Thickness: at about 0,5-1,5 cm"/ 0,2"- 0,59" approximately.

The carpet is created of different types of wool, carded and raw (wild) wool, most of them I have dyed own by hand. Others are in the wool's natural grey and brown shades. The base and some other colors I've dyed with extract of natural leaves and fruits.
The making of rug took me a few weeks to create the projects, cleaning and dyeing wool and hard work by repeatedly alternating needle and wet felting. Completely handmade.
There is no stitching or sewing!

You can combine this art piece with this one:

New Earth: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93668980/new-earth-unique-floor-carpet-textile

Cleaning methods:
There is no need for frequent cleaning, even less than washing! Just clean the dust.
You can wash in a large bowl, children bowl or in the tub.
Please use detergents for washing wool and silk.
When wool gets wet, it increases the weight, which complicates the process somewhat, but the rug is small and wet weighs about 3-4 kg.

Finally rinse well. You can add a little vinegar in the last rinse water.
Allow to drain well.
Do not twist, just squeeze the water between your hands!
Finally you can absorb excess water with a large cotton towel.

Dry free on air. Please do not dry in a dryer!
Dry in a horizontal position. Please do not hang when it is still wet!

If you have any questions about this my work, please feel free to ask.
Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt


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