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вторник, 26 ноември 2013 г.

My felt art in the EXHIBITION BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt, Bulgaria,19.11.-3.12.2013


BEFORE CHRISTMAS exhibition curated by gallery Darzalas I attend was opened on 19 November in the Art hall of Radio Varna and will continue until December 3, 2013.    

In the days before Christmas Light and Love are growing, appears longing to fulfill someone's beautiful desire or someone secretly fulfilled ours.


This exhibition is my wish came true!


Beautiful and warm unique carpets, wall hangings and other art objects created from the wool in a felt technique is my piece of the puzzle of the joint exhibition that combines so nice wool, metal and glass in the harmony of a cozy home, lit by holiday lights and the heat of the fire.
This collection I called THE WAY OF LIGHT. It follows my creative searches, but also reflects the symbol of the holiday, we expect at the end of each year.

And as Christmas has inherited an ancient celebration, which is honored the birth of the new sun, the birth of a new light, so in those days preceding the Birth of Christ, we are looking for light in its various manifestations.

You know that there a color thanks to the light and it is expresses by this color in different ways depending on the material through which to reflect and manifest.


You also know that physicists have long ago proved that light is a wave and a particle, energy and matter, which responds to our focused attention and intention, becoming a visible reality that we actually create.


So it is possible materialisation its transformation from concept and creative idea implemented into reality that each of us is recreated on its way to the material with which it works.


In fact, everything you can see in this exhibition came out of an idea from the hearts of artists and takes place on the beautiful works arranged in this hall for a shared joy!

Let's enjoy together the magic called Life!

More photos can be seen here in my Picassа web albums:
Svetlana Kostova - LAnAArt

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